Our Products

This is the most tested and leading product against bacteria
and coronavirus and have been on the market since 2013.
Our most selling antimicrobial product.


The Coversafe product is a new development.

How it works:
The film has a Patent product called PYLOTE. PYLOTE is developing, producing and selling a patented and unique solution for natural protection against bacteria and viruses. The breakthrough technological innovation consists in integrating mineral ceramic microspheres through mixing with different materials. These mineral beads act as a catalyst causing a microbial decontamination of the surfaces and a continuous and stable protection against microbial contamination with a very high level of safety, efficiency, and hygiene during the entire service life.


JDE – Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Togheter with the JDE World Wide organization, can we offering a safer coffee exepriance . JDE starting 2020 offering a complete
service of films and mounting supplies.

Pre-Printed switches

A large intallation company start offering pre mounted and printed light switches to their client. We help them mount the film on their products directly in our production.